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Censored! Most Recent Covid Video Banned By YouTube

user profile picture Chris Martenson Dec 08, 2020
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Well, we knew it was coming, and we’re surprised it took so long, honestly.

Youtube took down my most recent video which merely went through the most recent data on Ivermectin.

Here’s the video reposted in its entirety:

It’s nothing personal, and has nothing to do with my qualifications or the veracity of the material. Even a front-line doctor with heaps of direct Covid experience has been banned/blocked by farcebook:

Dr Kory Pierre makes numerous excellent and impassioned points in his Senate testimony which farcebook decided people shouldn’t see!

Adam and I have received emails from people using the Nextdoor app which also took down my video and any commentary on or about it.

It’s a full-on information war folks, and I wish there was anything noble or good to say about it.  After ignoring, blocking and then slow-boating any possible alternative non-big-pharma drugs, the entire ecosystem of big social media platforms has joined forces with the CDC/FDA/NIH/NIAID to stifle anybody who might talk about effective therapeutics.

Science doesn’t matter.  Lives don’t matter.  The economy doesn’t matter.  Who will stand up to this true axis of evil?  If not us, then who?

I stand for science, I stand for logic, I stand for integrity and I stand for this community.  It’s crunch time folks.  We’re there.  It has arrived at our beach – the first waves are now lapping at our feet.


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