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Biden’s Senility Is Now “A Thing” As Russia Calls The US “An Enemy”

It’s all but official; Biden won’t be the next Presidential candidate for the DNC. And yet the DNC isn’t making any public statements about that or campaigning in any way or prepping the ground. Which is one of those ‘negative space’ warning signs I’ve learned to listed to carefully. Will war with Russia be derailing the next election?

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jun 05, 2024
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In the world of limited-hangouts and tickle-truthing, the name of the game is to admit a small piece of something everybody already suspects.

In this case, it’s now suddenly OK to observe and report on Bidben’s obvious age-related mental decline.  But why now?  Why not 4 years ago??  Or 3?  Or 2?  Or 6 months ago?

Obviously, it’s OK now because somebody somewhere made that decision.  But why?

And why isn’t Team Biden campaigning in any meaningful way?  Is it because they are that confident?  Or is it because they know there won’t be an election at all and so aren’t putting any resources into an unnecessary activity?

On that front, perhaps they know there will be a war with Russia (more…)

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