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Biden and Mainstream Media Exposed as Deficient

The most obvious thing about the Biden implosion is just how comprehensively regime media has failed both the country as well as themselves. Things will get spicy from here on out as the US enters a Constitutional crisis without a functioning media. It’s a mess, Ollie!

The User's Profile Chris Martenson June 28, 2024
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The June ’24 Trump-Biden debate revealed several things, none of them good.  The biggest being talked about is something that was anything but a surprise to those with functioning adult faculties of perception, Twitter readers, and the unjabbed; Biden’s mental decline is as obvious as it is severe.

Of course, regime media and the entirety of the DC establishment are professing shock and dismay at suddenly “discovering” Biden infirmities, but it’s an act.

Either they knew, or they are comprehensively unfit for life as an adult.


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I first saw this video years ago. I like to play it for people before talking about media and information sources. It blows my mind...
Anonymous Author by chrisfreeman
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