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Becoming Tomorrow’s Hero

user profile picture Chris Martenson Aug 24, 2019
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Executive Summary

  • Clarify the specific outcomes you think are most important to prepare for
  • Models of regeneration (vs consumption/extraction)
  • High return-on-investment steps everyone should take
  • Make of yourself a model to inspire others

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A lot of my writing is meant to nudge people out of complacency and into action.  I want everyone to be safe.  I want you to be prepared for the challenges ahead and to live a long and fulfilling life.

I worry that almost nobody is ready for what’s coming.

Not financially, not psychologically or emotionally. And not with respect to their current lifestyles.

So I spend a fair amount of time on “convincing mode” which means I keep presenting data that gets more and more dire with every passing year.

One year it’s “Hey, look at all those fires, would ya?”  And the next year it’s “Hey, look at all those fires from space, would ya?” — because they’re too large now to appreciate from a ground-level view.

One year it’s “Wow, that sure is a crazy amount of money printing, wouldn’t you agree?” And the next year is “Wow, how do we make sense of $16 trillion of negative yielding debt?”

Despite these exacerbating warning signals, my impression is that that vast majority of people remain stuck in the “reality” being sold to them by the mass media, which is really an organ of the State.

“Don’t worry” it says “and don’t think for yourself.  If you do, we’ll label you as an alarmist, or a doomer, or a conspiracy theorist, or even an enemy agent. Now would be a great time to treat yourself to a shopping spree or a far-away vacation.”

Nudge, nudge.

What Are We Preparing For Exactly?

Even before the ubiquitous question of “What should I do?” is addressed, we must first ask “What scenarios am I planning for?”

If you envision a future that largely resembles to present, then your actions and preparations will be relatively minor. 

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Thanks Chris. Great posting. Received my Sun Oven today! It will hopefully provide Sunday’s dinner, while I eye the neighbor’s empty lot...
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