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Banking on Prosperity: A Critical Look at 21st Century Wealth w/Mike Maloney

My good friend Mike Maloney and I discuss the immorality of out monetary system, and how it is largely used as a conduit to funnel what is best described as stolen wealth from the many to the few. Precious metals are your means of dodging the predations of our reverse Robin Hood system.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Nov 22, 2023
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Welcome to another thought-provoking edition of Off The Cuff!

Joining me in this exploration of the vast difference between currency and wealth is a very special guest and a dear friend, Mike Maloney of An acclaimed author, Mike’s insights in his latest book, “The Great Gold and Silver Rush of the 21st Century,” are more relevant than ever in today’s economic climate.

Mike is a true authority in the fields of money and metals and in this episode, he shares his profound understanding with us.  Like me, he is concerned, bordering on alarmed at what is transpiring.

We discuss the critical difference between money and currency, a distinction that has profound implications for our understanding of wealth and value. Furthermore, we delve into the concept of the great wealth transfer, a cornerstone of my own economic philosophy, and one that Mike has elaborately expanded upon in his seminal works that especially also include The Hidden Secrets of Money series.

Enjoy everyone!

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