Home Baltimore Bridge Disaster, A Migrant Update and Why So Unhappy?

Baltimore Bridge Disaster, A Migrant Update and Why So Unhappy?

Whether intentional or not, the Baltimore Bridge disaster will result in huge costs and disruptions both locally and up and down the East Coast. And some important updates on both the migrant invasion and solar energy.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Mar 26, 2024
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The Baltimore Harbor Bridge disaster is a big deal and will take years to recover from.  The Migrant invasion continues apace with San Antonio police officers working off the clock but in full SA PD uniforms and driving SA PD vehicles guarding the centers where the smugglers and their cargo are operating. Finally, a recent hail storm in Texas lays bare the folly of depending on solar panels as a full replacement for nuclear or fossil fuels……



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This video shows the last few moments before the ship hit the bridge. I have a masters license for 200 tonne vessels and 20...
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