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Australian Senators Expose Pharma’s Deep Rot

The lies are being exposed. Common knowledge is on the way!

user profile picture Chris Martenson Aug 04, 2023
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Recent Senate hearings in Australia sw Pfizer and Moderna executives completely refuse to answer even the most basic of questions revealing the extent of the deception and the rot.

I take a tour through the data they knew about, both within Pfizer and Moderna as well as country regulatory agencies, showing just how awful this all was and continues to be.

Why?  Isn’t this all old hat by now?  Why does it even matter?

First, it matters because these people cannot be allowed to get away with this or we’ll have to do it all over again with the next “oopsie!” to come out of some other laboratory.

Second, because it gives us insight into just how unbelievably bad the rot must be in other agencies and crevices of our ruling systems.  The FDA/Pfizer/Moderna/CDC axis is but a fractal representation of just how badly the Federal Reserve is also operating. Or the Department of Defense.  Or the USDA.  And, of course, their equivalents in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe.

All of which combine into the necessity for each of us to abandon any idea that these same people and institutions will magically straighten out and fly right, and for us to secure for ourselves our own health and futures.

Oddly, knowing that the systems are unreformable puts extra oomph into my dedication to becoming more resilient

The Australian hearings show indicate that we’re ever closer to common knowledge breaking out, at which point everything changes, for the better, and quite quickly. …

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Clown Courts
I watch many hearings and inquiries in the US, same format at all levels. Who suspects the hearing formats and responses are harmonized world-wide?...
Anonymous Author by brenstrom
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