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As Tensions Rise, The US Moves To Automatically Register Young Men (and Women) For Military Service

It’s difficult to interpret the signs any other way: war is coming. Nobody can explain why it should, or what its aims might be, let alone why it would be worth dying over. That makes the current era roughly equivalent to right before World War I. Failed and weak leadership is about to create hard times. Really hard times I fear.

The User's Profile Chris Martenson June 17, 2024
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The test I use for assessing whether war is more or less likely between the West and Russia (and possibly China) centers on if tensions are rising or falling.

Currently, everything I am tracking shows a breakdown in communications, continued provocations by the West, and an astonishing lack of interest in covering any of it in sufficient detail.

The targeting of Russia’s over-the-horizon nuclear early warning system should have been the biggest news ever, and it should still be in the news.  But it floated right by the Western (goldfish-like) attention span.

Naturally, the passage by the US Congress of an ‘upgrade’ to the Selective Service Act making the registration of “every male in the US” automatic has to go into the negative column as it’s one more step in the wrong direction:

The US Senate, not to be outdone, proposes $923.3 billion(!!) of “defense” spending in its version of the NDAA and also proposes to include women in any future conscription or draft.


This all has to be viewed against the backdrop of more and more military-aged males streaming into the US across its non-border every single day of the week.  This especially includes Chinese males.

This brings me to the next bit, which you are free to complete discount as it’s entirely hearsay.  But I have received three separate sources confirming …(more)

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I have long thought that Russia and/or China may preemptively strike the United States. I have even used the same term “putting down a mad...
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