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Are You Waking Up At 3 a.m.?

Has anybody else been waking up in the middle of the night…around 3 or 3:30 am? It’s a thing. Time to get prepared.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Nov 27, 2023
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It was all triggered by the Tweet that THC0655 posted here a few days back:

What is this ‘great force?’

I experience it as an ill-defined sense of dread; like I’ve forgotten something important or I’m about to get in trouble. I really can either place it or shake it.

So I asked the general Twitter community if they have maybe experienced the same thing:


Now, this is a perfect case to create a confirmation bias, as people who have been having trouble sleeping are most likely to notice and respond to such an inquiry. But the flood of responses suggests that there’s more to it than that.

Additionally, in my own personal contact lists and phone calls over the past couple of months, this is indeed ‘a thing.’

Many are surprised to find out others are experiencing the same phenomenon.

My friend Kat Lindley has a sense that reality has taken a leave of absence:



Adam Gaertner thinks it’s the ‘interregnum’ we’re wallowing about in as the power elites desperately spin knobs and twirl dials in their last-ditch attempts to control the uncontrollable.

Kim thinks it’s something ominous.

I think many feel like Trinity in The Matrix after she dives through a window and tumbles down a set of stairs and has to tell herself to “Get up, Trinity! Get up!” before an agent comes crashing through in pursuit to kill her.

“Get up!!”

Others frame this as evil stalking the land, an idea I cannot discount and am more than sympathetic to.

Maybe even darker, it’s the end of days approaching:

Many others suggested that the failure to sleep is simply age, a weak bladder, menopause or a fading prostate, or bad eating habits.

These folks are either correct, or they are not (yet) tuned into the situation.

Here’s why I think it’s the latter. I trust my gut. And I trust other people’s gut impressions too and when so many are having the same perception and sensations, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

In a recent speech, Tucker Carlson did a pitch-perfect description of the importance of trusting your gut: 1

The relevant bit I pulled for this presentation (in the video, that is) starts at the 3:33 mark and progresses for the next minute and a half or so.

But I’d strongly encourage listening to the entire speech. It’s that good. And it’s important. – he says the quiet part out loud, namely that it’s easy to imagine that the next year is going to be really tough, and possibly quite dark.

This echoes one of my earliest and most repeated bits of advice, such as it is, which is to Trust Yourself.

Here’s a snippet from a 2009 article on that topic:


Then I turn to an interview with Robert Kiyosaki who has long advised that everyone should study their enemies closely. After all, if you don’t understand them, you won’t know what they are up to, and you won’t be as able to dodge their efforts to hurt you.

(Link to Video)

I really think this is great advice, and I admire the depths to which Robert follows his own advice. He really does study all sides.

The first 5 minutes of that interview lays out that philosophy as he discusses the Capitalist Manifesto by Karl Marx and its obvious influence on (far too many) people today.

Now, how would we go about studying the enemy today?

Well, by assembling a group of really sharp minds with deep experience and discussing things from “their angle” as we steelman their side and explore it like sensible people could and should.

This video will be going out to the public, so it’s got a bit of advertising in it, as it should, because I really really think people need to know about it and attend.

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This is the other “can’t miss” Peak Prosperity event of 2023.

Moreover, I am really hoping that our other guests can drive a lot of ticket sales because I really want to reward them financially for being such amazing and brave truth-tellers. So my request is that you get friends and family to attend if you can. I truly believe this webinar can help people who are in the process of waking up and adjusting to the reality of what’s transpiring.

But, back to the story.

Evolution is stingy. It rarely passes along something that does not have a powerful survival advantage. So what are we to make of this?

The human brain has 100 billion neurons they say, with a quadrillion synaptic connections.


That works out to around half a billion synapses per cubic millimeter of space. That’s some dense engineering there!

Truly a marvel of nature.


But did you know that you have around 500 million neurons just in your gut?


That’s a lot of neurons. What are they up to down there?

To contrast, a honeybee has around 200,000 neurons in total, and with those relatively few neurons, it can perform an immensely complicated set of individual and social actions. They can navigate, fly, tell others where there’s food, calculate the shortest route to a maze of flowers, raise brood, swarm, and calculate the precise angle of the sun at noon to know when it’s time to kick the males out of the hive and get busy readying for winter.

Or perhaps we might note that the entire cortical neuron set of a dog is roughly the same, while a cat is considerably less:


Or that the entire neuronal set of octopi, those ingenious problem solvers, is roughly 500 million neurons too:


All of these creatures perform immensely complicated tasks and functions with their equivalent sets of neurons. The human gut in no way needs that many neurons to move food through the intestines or to regulate a few glands.

So what are we doing with all those neurons down there?

I propose that nature preserved those “excess” neurons because they conferred a survival advantage. Our ‘gut sense’ is important and therefore we have more neurons ‘down there’ than are strictly necessary for bodily homeostasis.

Which means these messages are probably telling us something important, even if we ourselves are not waking up in the dead of night worried about ’something.’




Which brings me to my final message:


If you are waking up, or feeling like “something wicked this way comes,” then I would strongly encourage you to listen to that and prepare accordingly.

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