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Are They Sticking To A Playbook?

Something is very ‘off’ in this bird flu story. I have only suggestive coincidences and odd timings to point to, but I’d put money down on the idea that the circulating variant does not have an entirely natural origin. Now why would they do this again?

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 03, 2024
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We know there’s going to be a Great Reset.  Perhaps this will be a financial reset.  Maybe economic.  Perhaps it’s a rest of how power is apportioned and meted out with a complete overhaul of the laws we live by.  Maybe all of these steps and others beyond.

It’s nothing personal, but a matter of simple math.  Humanity has written checks it cannot cash.  Well, maybe not humanity, but certainly a tiny cadre of powerful elites.  They just want us to know that they still expect us to pick up the tab for their magnificently bad prior decisions.

Surprise, surprise, it turns out that H5N1 and this particular clade ( has been the subject of many lab investigations and that there hadn’t been any evidence of that clade in the US before those lab experiments were run.


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I think Jack Spirko from the survival podcast, has a good way of sorting such lists. His philosophy is to start with the issues that...
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