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UPDATE: America’s Grand Jury, the People vs. Dr. Fauci to be Rescheduled

user profile picture Ivor Apr 09, 2022
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As promised, here is the latest statement from the producers of America’s Grand Jury. If or when we receive additional information, we will share it.

Last night we launched America’s Grand Jury with a live show featuring expert witness testimony in a simulated grand jury proceeding.

It had been the plan of the producer’s of America’s Grand Jury to continue the live stream format over the next several days featuring many of the world’s leading health experts.

The purpose of this event has always been to create a simulated grand jury investigation, with real evidence of alleged crimes for real world prosecution. After night one feedback, it’s clear that the American public wants to know the truth, and demands accountability.

While this project remains an important opportunity that needs to go forward, the logistics of producing this show live have proven challenging.
Last evening’s live show resulted in several technical glitches that impacted the quality of our presentation and our schedule.

Although last night’s show was very well received for its content, the decision has been made to suspend this week’s live program in favor of restructuring our format to remove the live action feature and focus on the production of a grand jury simulation of the highest quality. This information is too important not to be presented in the most effective way possible.

We have made new arrangements and will announce a new production schedule within in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for an announcement.

In the meantime, the producers of America’s Grand Jury have informed us that everyone having made a donation to participate on the live show will be refunded.

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