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ALERT: False Flag Probability On The Rise

user profile picture Chris Martenson Mar 07, 2023
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Various narratives of the Deep State & authoritarian crowd are now falling apart.  This is when “they” become most dangerous.


  • Ukraine has lost Bakhmut revealing that the combined force of all of NATO’s hardware, money, and “advisors” was not sufficient when matched against a private Russian mercenary force (“Wagner”) consisting in no small part of conscripts.
  • The January 6th narrative of the Democrats has been exposed as a complete set of lies
  • The vaccines are now being openly fingered in Australia’s MSM as culprits in their horrifying excess death statistics
  • The Nordstream pipelines were taken out by the US, although the NYTimes is quite laughably attempting to tote deep state water by lazily scribing a weak CIA-contrived story that it might have been a group of Ukranian-aligned people who did it.
  • The “Lab Leak” theory – long derided by NPR, et al., as a “conspiracy theory” is about to be openly explored in the US House (March 8th).

Add it all up and it’s a bad moment in time for the odious narrative kee[pers who have harmed us all with their unpleasant tactics and antics.  If there’s one thing I know about ‘them’ it’s that they will do absolutely anything to avoid having and consequences land back upon themselves. 

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My wife and I were having lunch today and were discussing the speed that new events are unfolding. Rapid fire shocks to the system, just...
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