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Alain Ghiai: Actual Digital Privacy? Don’t Be Fooled.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Mar 04, 2022
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It’s time to have another discussion about digital security; or should I say insecurity?

Have you ever had the experience of searching for something on Google, or even where you say something to someone nearby and the next thing you know there’s an ad for it on your phone? Have you ever gotten the sense that maybe you are the product being traded and sold?

I have to confess, I’m a little bit of a privacy nut and I also definitely don’t like being the product. Maybe you don’t like that either? If so, this is an important interview about digital privacy for you to listen to and digest.

Here’s the deal; if you aren’t paying for a technology service, you are the product. Everybody knows this is true for Facebook. They sell your data to anybody and everybody. But did you know this is equally true for a lot of other phone and web apps? In this interview, I discovered that the apps I was using because of their perceived greater security and privacy was misplaced faith.

If you want to learn the truth about how your email and messaging communications are really not secure or private, then tune into this episode.

The question is, is there anything you can do to realistically improve your security and digital privacy? The answer is yes. This interview with Alain Ghiai, the CEO of GlobeX Data, as he discusses the state of digital insecurity and their own Sekur suite of offerings gave me hope. Sekur email and messaging are the best on the market that I have seen.

Does it cost money? Yes, of course, it does. If you want digital privacy and security you have to pay people to offer that to you. If you aren’t paying anything for your services, then you are the product. Free gmail isn’t free, it costs you both your privacy and security. For some, that’s perfectly OK for many people. But for the rest of us, 2022 is the year we finally decide to pay a few bucks to reclaim our personal sovereignty and privacy.

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