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A Special Thank You Message To My Supporters

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 13, 2021
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This begins with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who kept the faith and remained a supporter of this site during my too-long absence.

The good news is that I am now the sole owner of the website and all its related activities which means I’m back!!

Thanks to you, the many subscribers and supporters, Peak Prosperity is going to be better than ever.

With a few changes…but we’ll get to those down below.

Several things emerged from my mini-sabbatical, not least of which was observing the critical thinking and careful parsing of ideas that was on full display here at Peak Prosperity in my near complete absence.

I had several ‘proud founder’ moments while reading through some truly amazing comments that kept the site going in my absence.  This made me realize the degree to which I had either managed to shape or attract people with similar thought processes and passions.  It’s worth noting that what we have here in our community is rare (practically to the point of being unique) and worthy of both preserving and expanding.

Coming Changes to this Site

So let’s begin with what isn’t changing.  I will still be researching and communicating about all the things that I did in the past; Covid, vaccines, various treatments, and other related news.  Ditto for energy and oil issues, as well as alternative energy sources.  Ecology and financial matters too.  Systemic injustice and the potential for systemic cascading failures.  You know, all that fun stuff!

However, I am going to begin focusing even more on solutions especially including big, gigantic solutions such as global scale alternative energy (e.g. ‘green hydrogen’) and other necessary gigantic infrastructure plays that could help provide a useful bridge to the future.

The site will also have to respond to some new conditions.  The world we live in has gone even more nuts than it already was, which was considerable. Censorship is now a very real weapon and it’s been operationalized across the population.

The rest is exclusive content for members

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