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A Murder Story From The UK

user profile picture Chris Martenson Mar 12, 2023
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The story from the UK now takes a very dark turn.  Where they had lied and nudged their citizens to accept lockdowns, wear masks, and take vaccines, there was more…

It turns out that the UK health officials somehow thought to pre-order huge quantities of Midazolam – a powerful benzodiazepine – months before any Covid cases had landed on their shores.

During the first waver of Covid deaths, which was April 2020, the prescribing patterns for Midazolam, opiates, and other powerful drugs went through the roof.  So did deaths that were recorded as being due to “dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

Were elderly residents in care homes given drug cocktails that caused their lives to be shortened, and their demises hastened?  It sure looks that way.


Pharmaceutical Journal showing the timing of Midazolam orders placed with France

Australia makes the same use of Midazolam and opiates as the UK

UK euthanasia drug guidelines

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