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Food Plant Explosions Headline The Latest “Informed Consent” LiveCast

Episode 4

user profile picture Ivor Apr 21, 2022
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Explosions, accidents and cyberattacks at multiple food plants are adding yet another layer of uncertainty to the global food supply. With the farms of Europe’s “breadbasket” (Ukraine) decimated by war, and fertilizer shortages impacting farmers worldwide, this latest news only clarifies the harsh reality that food shortages and famines may be closer than we ever imagined.

And then there is the “othering” that continues to divide so many people. Add to the bad news that governments, corporations, oligarchs and bureaucrats are creating more policies and pushing for more outcomes pointing us down a perilous road, you can’t miss this video. Can we survive and thrive?

This LiveCast aired live April 21, watch the full video below. 


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Informed Consent Episode 4