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2021 is Going to be Rough!

user profile picture Chris Martenson Dec 19, 2020
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I can’t wait to get away from Covid coverage.  I’ve learned a lot, helped many, and yet I’m really anxious to get back to my main work in the world, which has to do with cultivating resilience.

This has been a huge year for us here in the Martenson household.

First, we moved right as Covid was breaking across the world.  The closing date on our new 182-acre property here in beautiful Chester MA was January 28th.

My first ALERT to the world about a mysterious virus was on January 23rd.

From that date and for the next 6 months I was producing daily videos.  Oh, and writing weekly content for the Peak Prosperity website.  Oh, and moving.  Oh, and assembling my first ever real estate syndication deal.  Oh, and converting our new property to a working farm.

That’s a lot of “ands” for a given year.  Thanks 2020!  But what 2020 had taketh away (visitors and travel) it also giveth – lots of time at the homestead.

And not a moment too soon!

Look, the world is an increasingly unstable place.  It is absolutely correct and right that people should become more resilient.

And that begins at home.  Maybe even right on your own garden.

If 2020 has done anything, it has normalized what was once ‘fringe” by making it completely obvious that the systems upon which we depend are rotten, unable to self-repair or reform, and therefore more fragile than we thought.

Our national health “managers” are not leaders, and are completely unable to escape whatever conflicts of interest bind their tongues as well as their hearts.  The political system is corrupt through and through and completely uninterested in any sort of introspection, let alone reform.

I’ve had people tell me this was “the fairest election in recent US history.”  I show them this map of Chicago’s 4th congressional district and ask them to point to its fairness so I can possibly see it:

Squint though I might, I just can’t see it.

Meanwhile the US Federal Reserve is busy exploding the currency supply as seen in this chart of M1:


As a reminder:

M1 is the money supply that is composed of physical currency and coin, demand deposits (savings & checking), travelers’ checks, other checkable deposits, and negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) accounts

Looking at M1 in terms of its change from year ago levels makes it even more ridiculous seeming.

The only possibly response here ought to be WTF?

What could possibly be going through the minds of the Federal Reserve to justify this sort of monetary madness?

One more way to look at this is in terms of a percent change from a year ago.  How does M1 look under this condition?

This is insane.  Simply insane.

On a percent change basis, the entire money stock of the US — which includes all of the money stock built up over its entire history — increased by 65.6%.

In a single year!!!

At the same time the US is doing the worst job out of any country in the world managing Covid.  Simply terrible.  Awful.

Of course, as you probably know, I respect the hell out of Covid, but I don’t fear it any more than I fear the flu.


Because of Ivermectin, which has been overwhelmingly demonstrated to all but entirely block the transmission of the SARS2 virus as well as prevent the development of serious cases of Covid the disease.

Nobody at the NIH is interested in this data for some reason.  Fauci doesn’t care or want to hear about it.   All the US medical establishment wants is a vaccine.

That’s fine to an extent, but what about all the lives lost and ruined while we wait?  Is there no accounting for them?  How awful of the national health managers that they should not care about the most vulnerable, the weak, and the elderly.  At all.

The US Government is out of control in its spending, too:

That gap between receipts and expenditures is as staggering as it is frightening.  There’s just no possible way to get any of that back under control, especially not since 50% or more of small and medium sized bushiness (a.k.a. “the tax base”) have been destroyed for completely ill-advised and (as it turns out) completely unnecessary reasons — if only we had been using Ivermectin therapy and prophylaxis all along.

Against this backdrop the US dollar is busy falling, as it should.  There’s simply nothing good happening in the US at the moment that should support the dollar:

Crickey that’s a terrible-looking chart!

But it’s well deserved.  There really isn’t much going for the dollar right now.  The terrible US economy is being destroyed by ill-advised policies and a horribly bad Covid response, out-of-control spending, and a print-happy Federal Reserve.

Add it all up and you’ve got a lot of US dollars floating around. And a lot less to spend them on. So the dollar sinks.

As the USD sinks, other assets priced in dollars rise.

Like Bitcoin.  Congratulations Bitcoin Hodl-ers! (that stands for Hold On for Dear Life)

You know what else the dollar has been falling against all year?

Good real estate property, stocks, bonds, gold, and many other hard assets.  The press says they are “rising in price” but really it’s not that.  It’s too many dollars seeking a place to hide out and be safe.

The conclusion to all of this?

The Logic Of Homesteading

We’re entering a period of volatility and uncertainty.

Like myself and my fiancée Evie, many have come to the (proper) conclusion that the best way to hedge their bets is to build up their homestead, and make it more resilient.

We’ve really thrown ourselves at this project this year and it’s been both challenging and rewarding.

Here on the day of our first and quite significant snowfall, it’s time to sit back, reflect on the mistakes and progress alike, and to share what we’ve done in case it helps to inspire or educate anyone.

Make no mistake.  You really should be thinking about growing your own food and building your soil, too.

If any of the events outlined in The Great Reset come to pass, being as close as possible to your food production seems like a solid plan.  The closer the better.

Earlier today Evie and I hosted a live webinar for Peak Prosperity premium subscribers where they asked us anything they wanted about our projects here at Honey Badger Farms.

A replay video of the event is now available.

So if watching this Q&A with my fiancée and me is the inspiration you’ve needed to subscribe to Peak Prosperity’s premium service — which costs less than $1/day — click here to Enroll now.

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