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Your “Adjustment Reaction” Will Be Your Fate

Episode 12 Part 1

The User's Profile Ivor June 16, 2022
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An “Adjustment Reaction” is the very normal, usual, and human set of responses to a threat or new risk.  We all have one and we all go through them.  It’s just that some go through them much faster than others.  Perhaps that’s you.  Perhaps it’s not.  Either way, you should be aware of the process and your own speed of adjusting, especially in times like these when markets are cracking, energy and inflationary shocks are shaking the ground, and yet we all need to make not just any old decisions but good decisions.

One step further out, our so-called leaders and trusted experts overreact, overcompensate, and go to extremes all while trying to improve bad situations. In too many cases, they compound the problem and make it worse.

We also see it everyday in friends and family. It’s not good for anyone, especially those who are in positions of authority.

Why is this happening, over and over and over again?

When will we learn? Can we ever learn from our mistakes?

The concept you will learn tonight could save you and your family emotionally and more.

Watch this important Informed Consent Framing edition, tonight, 7 p.m. EST, here at Peak Prosperity.

(Editor’s Note: Because of Chris’ travels, there is no Part 2 for this week’s Informed Consent.)

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Informed Consent Episode 12 Part 1

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