Weekly News Digest (May 6): Dow Sinks, Europe Declines Russian Oil, Water Shortages

WEEK ENDING May 6th, 2022

This Weekly News Digest is all about the downward arrow: too little water for hydroelectricity in the western U.S.; Europe reduces its own energy options by denying itself oil and gas in Russian protest; the markets are cratering; diesel and fertilizer inventories are endangered; and, more.

Preparedness Preparedness Image

Another food facility burned to the ground

Submitted by OMaGosh on May 3rd

Geopolitics Geopolitics Image

Historic Fertilizer Crunch Threatens Food Security

Submitted by Stewart on May 3rd

Environment Environment Image

Massive Solar Flare

Peak Pick
Submitted by 000 on May 6th

The myth of unlimited resources

Submitted by Whitney on May 6th

Energy Energy Image

EU Proposes ban on all Russian Oil

Peak Pick
Submitted by Gabriel on May 5th

Be Prepared to Pay More at the Pump from June

Peak Pick
Submitted by Mysterymet on May 2nd

Oil Field Supply Shortages

Peak Pick
Submitted by Stewart on April 29th

Emotional Resilience Emotional Resilience Image

Economy Economy Image

Biggest Treasury Buyer Quietly Selling Billions

Peak Pick
Submitted by Stewart on May 3rd

Yen Craters To 20 Year Low

Peak Pick
Submitted by Mike from Jersey on April 29th

Stocks and bonds falling at pace unseen in decades

Submitted by Stewart on May 4th

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