Weekly News Digest (June 17): ESG Targets Loyal Employees, China Privately Warns the U.S., Vaccine Truths, and Libya’s Oil Reduction

WEEK ENDING June 17th, 2022

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” That famous quote by Winston Churchill certainly applies this week as an oil producing country scales back, ESG targets good employees, water restrictions grow and tampons are in short supply.

So, why keep going?

Because the vaccine narrative continues to fall apart; travelers can enter the U.S. without a Covid test; plus, there is still sanity and beauty in the world.

Keep going. We’ll get through this together.

Society Society Image

DHS to go after conspiracy forums

Peak Pick
Submitted by Mysterymet on June 13th

Beauty will save the world

Submitted by 000 on June 17th

Everyone Knows

Submitted by Kiwibug on June 17th

Canada Gearing Up For Unvaxxed Tracking & Surveillance

Submitted by westcoastjan on June 14th

Preparedness Preparedness Image

What You Need To Know About California’s New Water Restrictions

Peak Pick
Submitted by Mysterymet on June 15th

Cuba’s Harvest of Surprises With Neighborhood Farming

Peak Pick
Submitted by Whitney on June 10th

Health Health Image

Severe Covid Rare in Unvaccinated

Peak Pick
Submitted by Robin on June 15th

US drops international COVID tests to enter

Submitted by Pappy on June 17th

Moderna Covid Vaccine may cause heart inflammation

Submitted by thecountmc on June 15th

Healthy Young People Dying from MYSTERIOUS Death Syndrome

Submitted by thecountmc on June 14th

Someone Else Tells the Covid Truth ?

Submitted by Belmontl on June 10th

Geopolitics Geopolitics Image
Environment Environment Image
Energy Energy Image

Libya Shuts Down Virtually All of its Oil Production

Peak Pick
Submitted by Mike from Jersey on June 14th

Map of Projected Summer Blackouts

Submitted by Mike from Jersey on June 13th

Emotional Resilience Emotional Resilience Image

Keeping Sane: Bret Speaks with Neil Oliver

Peak Pick
Submitted by pinecarr on June 17th

Canadian Journalists Showing the Strain… Gee, I Wonder Why?

Peak Pick
Submitted by westcoastjan on June 10th

Economy Economy Image

Kim Dotcom Breaks Down the True Scale of US Government Debt

Submitted by Quiet Warrior on June 16th

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