Weekly News Digest: Big Tech Social Credit System, Spying, Censorship; Petroruble Enforced, and Avian Flu

WEEK ENDING April 29th, 2022
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Biden Homeland Security to police “disinformation”

Peak Pick
Submitted by Mysterymet on April 29th

Social Credit Credit Systems Come to Europe (English)

Peak Pick
Submitted by Stewart on April 23rd

Calgary Oil Giant Facing Multiple Lawsuits Over Jab Mandates

Submitted by westcoastjan on April 27th

Homeless in Portland say what they want from the government

Submitted by thecountmc on April 27th

Geopolitics Geopolitics Image

US Intel Seeks to Institutionalize Big Tech Censorship

Peak Pick
Submitted by Mike from Jersey on April 22nd

Pandemic Treaty: Global Control

Submitted by Redneck Engineer on April 28th

Environment Environment Image

Energy Energy Image

Oil Field Supply Shortages

Peak Pick
Submitted by Stewart on April 29th

Natural gas volatility will mean higher utility bills

Submitted by Stewart on April 26th

Emotional Resilience Emotional Resilience Image

12 Main Reasons You Can’t Focus; How To Fix It Today

Submitted by LightSmith on April 22nd

Economy Economy Image

Yen Craters To 20 Year Low

Peak Pick
Submitted by Mike from Jersey on April 29th

Ruble hits near 2-year high against euro

Submitted by Mike from Jersey on April 26th

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