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Weekly News Digest (May 13): Inflation Soars; Russia Threatens Finland; and Electricity Shortages Grow

A lot to unpack this week: inflation soars more; Russia, Ukraine and now Finland; electricity shortages are predicted nationwide; Saudi Arabia says resource shortages are coming too; and, Biden’s Ministry

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Weekly News Digest (May 6): Dow Sinks, Europe Declines Russian Oil, Water Shortages

This Weekly News Digest is all about the downward arrow: too little water for hydroelectricity in the western U.S.; Europe reduces its own energy options by denying itself oil and

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Weekly News Digest: European Social Credit System, Water Shortages, Student Vaccine Mandates, Food Plant Accident and More

As if scripted, the night Chris Martenson explored the rash of food plant accidents, explosions, and cyber attacks, a plane crashes into a General Mills processing plant. More worrisome, if

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Weekly News Digest: Fuel, Food, Healthcare and Energy in Crisis, Plus Taiwan’s War Preparations

Unfortunately, it’s just the tip of the iceberg: Everywhere access to food, fuel and power are more and more expensive, and shortages are growing. In some places inflation riots are

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