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We Are There, Prosperity Has Peaked, Informed Consent, Pt. 2

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By Chris Martenson
Thursday, May 26th, 2022

We Are There, Prosperity Has Peaked, Informed Consent, Pt. 2

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By Chris Martenson on
Thursday, May 26th, 2022

There’s more and more signs that we’ve reached the end of our prosperous period. Energy, food, and water shortages. Hyperinflation. Riots around the world. War…and now a spate of horrific violence (on top of the growing daily violence American cities experience). Fact is, we’re in the Interregnum and we need to talk about what happens when prosperity peaks and the complex propped-up world collapses and simplifies. Watch this important video explaining what to expect, and why we here at Peak Prosperity exist.

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There is so much evil... so many manipulations... so much difficult information to watch. I did not join the part 1 event. As a survivor of a school shooting, I am ...
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