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Government-Run Disruptions Targeting Farmers And Food (And Soon You)

Original Content
By Chris Martenson
July 26, 2022

Government-Run Disruptions Targeting Farmers And Food (And Soon You)

Original Content
By Chris Martenson on
July 26, 2022

The governments of Holland and Canada have decided that this moment in time – full of disruption and imminent global food shortages – is the perfect time to crack down on… farmers? Because of…climate change?

Yes, that’s correct. This situation is as comical as it is insensible and ridiculous. The target is fertilizers and the methods are rules and diktats emitted by political technocrats who apparently have zero understanding of farming or empathy for farmers.

The reason given is “climate change” but the targeted emission which is nitric oxide is at most 7% of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions. Of that, 40% comes from agriculture, and the plans that call for reducing 30% (Canada) to 50% or more (Holland) of fertilizer use will have a negligible impact on climate change gas emissions but a HUGE impact on farm yields and profitability.

After all, even if the whole world joined in, the math would be 7% x 40% x 30% = 0.84% reduction. That’s right a less than 1% reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions, but an extraordinary burden placed directly upon farmers who are being asked to shoulder the entire burden (“for the greater good – same as getting four jabs!”) of the effort. Just farmers directly, and the rest of us later in the form of explosively higher food prices. Again, nothing is being asked of far more obvious, and frivolously wasteful polluters and emitters. The symbolism is stomach-turning.

Meanwhile, these same leaders, Trudeau in Canada and Rutte in Holland, say nothing at all about other obvious and symbolically important targets such as private jets or mega yachts. Nor do they criticize the largest polluter China, whose own emission increases utterly dwarf any putative savings that might result from slamming farmers.

In other words, at the very best, the actions of Trudeau and Rutte are performative. At the very worst, they are meant to drive farmers out of business so that the actual peers and allies of these WEF-compromised “leaders” can scoop up these valuable properties for pennies on the dollar and place them under corporate agriculture control.

They will use whatever bureaucratic, governmental, media, education, and corporate tools they have to scare us into submission. Thankfully the farmers are having none of it and see through these barely concealed plots with ease.

Information is power.

And We The People need all we can get now.

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