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The Truth About Covid and Government Mind Control

Episode 101 Part 1

user profile picture Chris Martenson Mar 09, 2023
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This is the Second in a three-part series, which I have decided to make public and freely available.  Part I explores the UK “Lockdown Files” which are a trove of text messages between and among UK health authorities revealing a startling pattern of using scare tactics to control the populace.  Part II then explores how these files reveal more about the psychological operations waged against UK citizens, as well as the rest of us, with devastating results.  Part III gets dark and shows the “Midazolam Murders” which saw wildly inappropriate drug delivery policies contributing to if not causing the deaths of many people within the UK hospital and care home systems.

In part I, we covered The Lockdown Files, which exposed the depths to which UK health officials sank in order to scare people into compliance.

But they had help.  Lots of help, mainly from the psychological nudge unit at the UK Institute for Government’s Behavioral Insights Team, and from SAGE, or the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.

Their goals are always the same; to get a reluctant populace to go along with whatever the government has schemed up, no questions asked.

These nudge units’ own behaviors are rooted in two things;

  1. the certainty that the government has the right answers and
  2. an unspoken rule to never look back and see how often that wasn’t the case.

For instance, here’s a public document from SAGE outlining how they might go about nudging people to comply with social distancing rules.  Never mind that there was zero science behind the 6-foot rule, nor any nuance around whether that distance was indoors in a poorly ventilated environment or outdoors.  None of those details mattered.  What mattered was getting people to comply.


As bad as the UK was, Australia went overboard to an exceptional degree with Australian politicians being especially vile and nasty about their use of shaming and coercion and othering to accomplish the aims of locking people down and/or getting them vaccinated.

In the US, we just found out this morning from the latest Matt Taibbi Twitterfiles release,  that various agencies conspired to even block completely true posts about vaccine injuries because those might have fueled ‘vaccine hesitancy.’

What the even…?

Without further ado, the piece:

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Peak Insights Episode 101 Part 1