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The Curse of Seeing Things Clearly (and Caring)

Information Scouts
By Chris Martenson
January 3, 2023

The Curse of Seeing Things Clearly (and Caring)

Information Scouts
By Chris Martenson on
January 3, 2023

Sentinel intelligence is the ability (some say superpower) to detect large threats early. We’ve got that in spades here at Peak Prosperity. It is usually a curse because, as with the myth of Cassandra, people “blessed” with Sentinel Intelligence are destined to be ignored by most people while also being burdened with the trait of actually caring about other people. This insight comes to us from Jessica Wildfire’s blog on Substack. What pops out to this “intelligent sentinel” today? Mostly, the looming oil crisis, forestalled but not forgotten, coupled to the U.S.’s reckless provocations of Russia, most recently resulting in

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My mother told me the story of Cassandra about a year ago. I bought thousands of ivermectin and fluvoxamine pills from India and gave them to anyone who caught covid. ...
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