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Why The Strengthening Dollar Is A Sign Of The Next Global Crisis

Executive Summary Understanding the two different ways money flows into the US dollar How currency crises elsewhere can send the dollar skyrocketing Why yen, yuan and euro printing are not

By charleshughsmith on Wednesday November 12th, 2014
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What Will Happen When Japan Breaks

Executive Summary The data that proves Japan is a ticking time bomb Why the yen may still fall a lot further from here How Japan's contagion can threaten world markets

By Chris Martenson on Thursday November 6th, 2014
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Why The Dollar Is Gaining Strength

Recently, the US dollar has gained at lot of territory compared to the yen, pound, euro, ruble, and pretty much every other currency you can think of. The dollar is

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday September 9th, 2014
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Japan’s Economy Is Shattering

When you are a fully-industrialized island nation that makes its living in the world by importing raw materials, fashioning them into useful exports, and collecting the difference as your profits,

By Chris Martenson on Monday April 28th, 2014
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Off the Cuff: Capital Is Sloshing Recklessly Around the World

In this week's Off the Cuff podcast, Chris and Brian discuss: The Sloshing Tsunami of Global Capital It's pushing prices around more than any other factor Concerning Correlations Markets are too correlated

By Adam Taggart on Thursday February 27th, 2014
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