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The End Of Money

Today we live in a bifurcated economy: it is boom times for some and bust times for others. Your personal situation depends largely on how close you fall on the

By Chris Martenson on Saturday November 2nd, 2019
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The Coming Great Wealth Transfer

In the past, I’ve warned about the coming Great Wealth Transfer.  But now we need to talk about it in the present tense, because it’s here.

By Chris Martenson on Saturday March 4th, 2017
Economy 43Public Content

Mike Maloney: The Coming Wealth Transfer

History may not repeat but it sure does rhyme. Mike Maloney has studied monetary and financial breakdowns  throughout history and concludes that there's nothing new or different happening this time,

By Adam Taggart on Saturday December 6th, 2014
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The Near Future May See One of the Biggest Wealth Transfers in Human History

Executive Summary Why GDP growth is very unlikely to support the rate of credit growth the Fed wants If it can't, what is most likely to happen? Why the current

By Chris Martenson on Friday October 25th, 2013
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This Gold Slam is a Massive Wealth Transfer from Our Pockets to the Banks

I am very disappointed by, but not surprised at, the latest transfer of wealth to the bankers from everyone else.  The most recent gold bear raid has vastly enriched the

By Chris Martenson on Monday April 15th, 2013
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