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War, Inflation and the Coming Hard Landing

Indicators and data. Inputs and logistics. These are but a few of the information points that require deep dives to get an accurate picture of what is taking place in

By Chris Martenson on Thursday April 14th, 2022
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My Personal Early Warning System

If you want to know, before other people, when something is about to change or break, you have to know where to look. In this video, I explain the “outside

By Chris Martenson on Wednesday April 6th, 2022
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Understanding The Keys To Power

The harsh simple truth is that those who run the system manipulate it to their benefit. This is true in both government and industry. Those in power do ‘whatever it

By Adam Taggart on Thursday January 2nd, 2020
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The Importance Of A Resilient Life

My business partner Adam and I recently met with a successful business owner whose career began on Wall Street. The kind of guy who should be rooting for the system,

By Chris Martenson on Friday September 20th, 2019
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Binyamin Appelbaum: The Problem With Modern Economics

Why do we have the economic policies we do today? These policies drive decision-making on Capitol Hill, corporate boardrooms, and on Wall Street. But who made them, why, and how

By Adam Taggart on Thursday September 12th, 2019
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