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Pfizer Fraud! Full Stop.

The best fit for the Pfizer data we have at hand is that significant fraud occurred in the recruitment process for the trial. Otherwise, we’re supposed to believe that a

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday May 10th, 2022
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Down the Pfizer “data” Rabbit Hole

Why are authorities pushing so desperately hard for everyone to get vaccinated given the fact that it is now proven that Delta seemingly replicates and transmits just as easily within

By Jeanne on Tuesday August 3rd, 2021
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Pfizer 6-Month Vaccine “data” Is In…

The good news is that the vaccine seems to reduce ‘serious Covid’ as well as SARS2 infection.  The bad news is that we can’t tell from the data at what

By Jeanne on Tuesday August 3rd, 2021
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