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Job Hunting for the Unjabbed

With millions of workers facing a looming vaccine mandate deadline, many are wondering if there are any good options for employment without vaccination. I have taken notice of the number

By Samantha Biggers on Sunday November 21st, 2021
Economy 47Public Content

Mass Layoffs Are Back. Are You At Risk?

Imagine the following scene playing out at work tomorrow: You arrive in the morning to find a note reading ‘HR wants to see you’. About what?, you wonder. Seeing your

By Adam Taggart on Friday August 30th, 2019
Economy 6Public Content

The Fuzzy Numbers Behind Initial Job Claims

“Fuzzy Numbers” is one of the most popular video chapters within The Crash Course. It explains many of the ways that government statisticians routinely distort economic truth, making things seem

By Chris Martenson on Thursday September 29th, 2016
Economy 23Public Content

If Everything’s Doing So Great, How Come I’m Not?

Whether it's struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living, a 0% return on savings, working longer hours while real wages stagnate, scrimping to pay back education loans,

By charleshughsmith on Saturday September 10th, 2016
Economy 47Public Content

Automating Ourselves To Unemployment

In this current era of central planning, malincentives abound. We raced to frack as fast we could for the quick money, while leaving behind a wake of environmental destruction and creating a supply glut

By Adam Taggart on Thursday April 28th, 2016
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