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Water Storage In Winter

Water is the most important item to keep in your storage because it is essential to survival. However, this can become more difficult in the winter when temperatures drop below

By bgarrett on Tuesday November 1st, 2016
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Curing Potatoes Before Winter Storage

Fall harvest is here and it is time to start putting up your starchy tubers for the winter from the garden.  Here are things to consider for curing and storing

By JW on Monday October 3rd, 2016
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Rotating Your Water Storage

A common question I am asked about preparing for any type of emergency is how often you should rotate your water storage. If you’ve tried to search around on the

By bgarrett on Friday August 5th, 2016
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How To Freeze Eggs

A number of ideas and tips for saving eggs and putting them up in the freezer.  Another way to build resiliency and store extra eggs from the coop.  

By JW on Wednesday July 27th, 2016
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Bulk Food Storage Tips

5 tips and areas of concern to keep in mind when putting away bulk foods or prepping your deep pantry.  Keep building your resilience!

By JW on Tuesday July 5th, 2016
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