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Off The Cuff: The Root Cause Of Much Of Today’s Strife

In this week's Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and John Rubino discuss: The Root Cause Of Much Of Today's Strive Going off the gold standard in 1971 Financialization Has Led To Polarization It

By Adam Taggart on Thursday August 24th, 2017
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John Rubino: Taking Control Of The Time In Which We Live

In what is quite possibly my favorite podcast so far this year, Chris speaks with John Rubino — founder of and recent author of The Money Bubble — about the times in which we live.

By Adam Taggart on Sunday July 13th, 2014
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Unintended Consequences Are Increasing World Demand for Gold

With the financial experts claiming, some gleefully, that gold has "lost its safe haven status" in the aftermath of its biggest tumble in 30 years, many commentators  thought (hoped?) that

By Chris Martenson on Wednesday April 17th, 2013
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Mike Maloney: Today’s Low Gold & Silver Prices Are Not Realistic

During this very tumultuous week for precious metals prices, Chris sat down with Mike Maloney, founder and owner of, one of the world's largest bullion dealers. Mike is a

By Adam Taggart on Saturday April 13th, 2013
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The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold And Silver

This report lays out an investment thesis for gold and one for silver.  Various factors lead me to conclude that gold is one investment that you can park for the

By Chris Martenson on Wednesday June 29th, 2011
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