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The Rich Are Planning For Catastrophe

Executive Summary Why the wealthy are plotting to leave us behind The "madness of crowds" virtually ensures a period of social chaos when the system breaks The media is, and

By Chris Martenson on Friday July 20th, 2018
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Chaz Peling: Backup Power Solutions

Without electricity, our capability to conduct our modern way of life becomes immediately and severely curtailed. Communication instantly stops. Food quickly spoils. Sundown puts an end to all activity. Air

By Adam Taggart on Sunday September 24th, 2017
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AspectSolar – Special Savings

5% Special Discount for Readers We are pleased to announce that PrepareDirect is offering members an exclusive discount of 5% off Aspect Solar hardware and accessories.

By JW on Friday June 5th, 2015
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Building a Fresnel Solar Cooker

An awesome tutorial on how to build a high powered solar cooker using a Fresnel Lens.  Time to find an old rear projection TV on Craiglist.

By JW on Wednesday December 24th, 2014
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Build a Solar-Powered Water Heater

This is a very simple design for a batch-type solar water heater that uses a thermosiphon loop to move water between a solar thermal collector and a storage barrel. While

By bgarrett on Wednesday October 29th, 2014
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