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Resilient Life: Integrity and Soil Farming

For this episode, Chris gives us a little throwback to 2020 and discusses both integrity in farming and the critical importance of focusing on your soil. In the long run,

By Peak Team on Sunday July 24th, 2022
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Paul Wheaton: Building A Better World In Your Backyard

The data is clear: humans are overtaxing the world’s ecosystems at an accelerating rate. How can society wean itself away from its business-as-usual practices of natural resource extraction and depletion?

By Adam Taggart on Monday August 19th, 2019
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The Future Of Better Farming

While it’s *soooo* tempting to write about the stomach-churning drop/spike/dive thrill ride the financial markets have embarked on after this week’s Federal Reserve rate cut, I will resist and instead

By Adam Taggart on Friday August 2nd, 2019
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Singing Frogs Farm: The Science Of Healthy Soil

Three years ago, I interviewed Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser about the remarkably effective model being pioneered at their farm, Singing Frogs Farm, a small micro-farm in northern California. It quickly became

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday January 8th, 2019
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Connor Stedman: Carbon Farming

Climate change remains a hotly debated topic. But a scientific fact not up for dispute is the pronounced spike in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere over

By Adam Taggart on Monday October 9th, 2017
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