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Top Money Hacks For Financial Freedom

Want more money? Who doesn’t, right? Though that may not be truly what you really want. What most of actually crave is financial freedom. To enjoy a lifestyle free from

By Adam Taggart on Friday February 26th, 2021
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The Great Retirement Threat

Too many of America’s public pensions are dangerously underfunded due to over-promised payouts vs contributions and poor fund performance. And corporate pension funds are in the hole a collective -$50

By Adam Taggart on Friday November 20th, 2020
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Live Frugally, Retire Comfortably

Executive Summary Best practices in cost-accounting from the FIRE movement The appeal of the 4% annual expense strategy Life hacks in extreme frugality The Peak Prosperity community shares its collective

By Chris Martenson on Friday June 28th, 2019
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Damion Lupo: The Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP)

The growing retirement continues to be a major focus here at Our recent podcast with Ted Siedle exposed the shocking insolvency of many pension funds. And on the private

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday June 11th, 2019
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Will Your Retirement Efforts Achieve Escape Velocity?

The concept of ‘retirement’, of enjoying decades of work-free leisure in your golden years, is a relatively new construct. It’s only been around for a few generations. In fact, the

By Adam Taggart on Friday November 2nd, 2018
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