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Economy 13Public Content

Grant Williams: A Reset Of The System Is Inevitable

While at the New Orleans Investment Conference this past weekend, Chris and I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Grant Williams, publisher of the economic blog Things That

By Adam Taggart on Thursday November 7th, 2019
Economy 8Public Content

Why The U.S. Dollar And Bitcoin Keep Rising

Capital migrates to where it flows with the least resistance, i.e. to forms of capital that are liquid and offer low transaction costs—what I call ease of flow. Capital also migrates

By charleshughsmith on Friday January 6th, 2017
Economy 39Public Content

Why Gold Is Undervalued

Gold has been in a bear market for three years. Technical analysts are asking themselves whether they should call an end to this slump on the basis of the “triple-bottom”

By Alasdair Macleod on Wednesday October 22nd, 2014
Economy 4Public Content

The Dollar May Remain Strong For Longer Than We Think

I have long been a dollar bull, not for any over-arching reasons based on inflation, deflation, rising geopolitical multi-polarity or any of the other issues that touch on the dollar’s

By charleshughsmith on Wednesday September 17th, 2014
Economy, Energy, Geopolitics 23Public Content

On the Path To War

The US is clearly now pushing Russia towards war. But if you read the signs correctly, Russia has been preparing for exactly this outcome for many years. Out of several

By Chris Martenson on Monday August 11th, 2014
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