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Should You Relocate To A More Resilient Area?

Likely a symptom of growing social unease, we’re seeing a surge in interest amongst our readership in relocation. Many are folks living in urban and suburban areas worried that local

By Adam Taggart on Friday November 8th, 2019
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Reality Shock

Executive Summary Urgency is needed, as society’s alarm bells aren’t working The most important charts of all Recent learnings on resilience relocation When a culture becomes desperate, it reacts desperately.

By Chris Martenson on Friday October 4th, 2019
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Resilient Relocation

Executive Summary When relocation makes sense (and when it doesn’t) Developing the vision & plan for your relocation destination Creating community Which incentives will drive success If you have not

By Chris Martenson on Saturday September 21st, 2019
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The Importance Of A Resilient Life

My business partner Adam and I recently met with a successful business owner whose career began on Wall Street. The kind of guy who should be rooting for the system,

By Chris Martenson on Friday September 20th, 2019
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ALERT: Time To Relocate

Executive Summary Why it’s far better to be a year early than a date late when preparing for crisis Why I’m issuing a rare Alert What’s causing me to release

By Chris Martenson on Friday September 6th, 2019
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