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Richard Sylla: This Is An Inherently Dangerous Moment In History

“The rates we’ve had in recent years, including right now, are the lowest in history. The book that I co-authored on the history of interest rates traces back to the

By Adam Taggart on Monday August 7th, 2017
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Richard Duncan: The Real Risk Of A Coming Multi-Decade Global Depression

Richard Duncan, author of The Dollar Crisis and The New Depression: The Breakdown Of The Paper Money Economy, isn't mincing words about the risks he sees ahead for the world economy. Essentially, he

By Adam Taggart on Sunday April 5th, 2015
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Have We Reached Peak Wall Street?

Though the mainstream financial media and the blogosphere differ radically on their forecasts—the MFM sees near-zero systemic risk while the alternative media sees a critical confluence of it—they agree on one thing:

By charleshughsmith on Monday March 31st, 2014
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How to Break Out of Stagnation

Executive Summary The world's ongoing net energy recession will continue to drag GDP downwards unless a technology mircale occurs (unlikely) Reversing our net energy decline will be key to breaking

By Gregor Macdonald on Tuesday July 9th, 2013
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Investing Strategies for the New Energy Era

Executive Summary The criticality of innovating better storage solutions The pros & cons of investing in energy inputs (coal, oil, etc.) or new energy technologies The impact of increased carbon

By Gregor Macdonald on Monday November 26th, 2012
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