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The Banquet Of Consequences Is Being Served

The Fed and its central banking brethren (most notably the European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of England and Bank of China), have decided to sacrifice investing for tomorrow

By Adam Taggart on Wednesday September 28th, 2016
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The Year Of The Red Monkey: Volatility Reigns Supreme

In the lunar calendar that started February 8, this is the Year of the Red Monkey. I found this description of the Red Monkey quite apt: "According to Chinese Five

By charleshughsmith on Friday March 11th, 2016
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The Future Of Interest Rates

Executive Summary Why the Fed may no be able to raise rates from here Will the Fed go to negative interest rates instead? Why the next recession will limit the

By Brian Pretti on Friday April 17th, 2015
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Off the Cuff: That Sinking Feeling…

In this week's Off the Cuff podcast, Chris and John Rubino discuss: The Police State Too much evidence to ignore How Low Can Interest Rates Go? Looking for the limits to NIRP That

By Adam Taggart on Friday April 10th, 2015
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Oil And The Global Slowdown

The world economy is slowing down and the authorities are fretting.  Japan, Italy, Greece and Austria are all in recession.  China is slowing down according to their official statistics, and

By Chris Martenson on Thursday December 4th, 2014
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