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Shortages To Drive Commodity Prices MUCH Higher Over Next 5 Years

Rick Rule has invested in hundreds of public and private mining, drilling & farming ventures over his long career as a natural resources investor. And he sees a very bright

By Adam Taggart on Friday May 21st, 2021
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Commodities Boom Only In ‘Early Innings’

Back in December, Saxo Bank’s Steen Jakobsen predicted a massive boom in commodity prices was dead ahead. Not many others shared that view back then. But, boy, was he ever

By Adam Taggart on Friday May 14th, 2021
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History Indicates Stocks Set To Drop In Half

Money manager Eric Hickman is a number-cruncher who’s also a student of history.  And looking at the past 100 years of market data, he’s forced to conclude that the stock

By Adam Taggart on Friday May 7th, 2021
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The Many Ways We’re Being Manipulated

Every hour of every day, we’re bombarded by attempts to influence our behavior — what to buy, how to vote, what to click on next… And most of the time,

By Adam Taggart on Friday April 30th, 2021
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When The Market Unravels There Will Be “No Place To Hide”

Few people alive understand how Capitol Hill and Wall Street work better than former Congressman and financier David Stockman. And he is deeply concerned that our current political, monetary and

By Adam Taggart on Friday April 23rd, 2021
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