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Fatal Distractions

Having a delusional story that’s at odds with reality can be harmless. Or it can be fatal. Or somewhere in between. If Covid has taught me anything, it’s the power

By Chris Martenson on Wednesday March 2nd, 2022
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Massive Shortage ALERT

The purpose of this ALERT is to warn you that the supply chain disruptions are getting worse, at least in the US and Europe, and to maybe prod you to

By Chris Martenson on Monday November 1st, 2021
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Winter is Coming

The policy responses to Covid have been awful, but those failures are utterly dwarfed by the energy and supply chain policy inactions that are bringing us into a very dark

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday September 28th, 2021
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Bethany McLean: Saudi America

For years now we've been covering the false promise of the American shale oil “miracle”. Yes, it has extracted a lot more oil out of American soil that most thought

By Adam Taggart on Friday March 1st, 2019
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G7 Nations Agree To Phase Out Fossil Fuels

Yesterday saw a promising headline: at a recent G7 gathering, the leaders apparently agreed to the impossible: cutting carbon emissions by 40%-70% by 2050.  The only real way to do this, obviously,

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday June 9th, 2015
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