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Investing in the ‘Age of Consequences’

Economic collapse is now unavoidable. Whether this happens via a deflationary or an inflationary or a stagflationary collapse is an open question, but also academic. In any of these future

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday June 21st, 2022
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The Fed Is Lying To Us

The recent statements from the Federal Reserve and the other major world central banks (the ECB, BoJ, BoE and PBoC) are alarming because their actions are completely out of alignment

By Chris Martenson on Friday October 18th, 2019
Economy, Geopolitics 4Public Content

Realistically, What’s Left To Power Asset Prices Higher?

Here we are again. The markets are within a few percentage points of their all-time highs, but just can’t seem to muster the momentum to break out above them. We

By Adam Taggart on Friday September 27th, 2019

Why The Next Downturn Will Be The Most Destructive In Modern History — And Why You Must Act Now In Order To Preserve Your Wealth (and the Planet!)

Our society’s pursuit of endless economic growth is unsustainable. We’re at the point where we’ve sabotaged our future by taking on too much debt, while at the same moment, we’ve

Transcript for Bill Fleckenstein: The Race To the Bottom Will Be Won By the Dollar (Part 1)

Below is the transcript to Bill Fleckenstein: The Race To the Bottom Will Be Won By the Dollar: Chris: Hello and welcome to another Chris podcast. I am your

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