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Off The Cuff: The Destruction Of Coherent Ideas

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and James Howard Kunstler discuss: The Shale Oil Booby-Trap Fake prosperity that will tank the markets when it ends Could The US

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday July 30th, 2019
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The Self-Employed Middle Class Hardly Exists Anymore

Of course, the easiest path to financial independence is being born into a wealthy, well-connected family. But since few of us win that born-rich lottery, this article addresses the important

By charleshughsmith on Saturday May 16th, 2015
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John Rubino: Taking Control Of The Time In Which We Live

In what is quite possibly my favorite podcast so far this year, Chris speaks with John Rubino — founder of DollarCollapse.com and recent author of The Money Bubble — about the times in which we live.

By Adam Taggart on Sunday July 13th, 2014
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Off the Cuff: Trend Reversal?

In this week's Off the Cuff podcast, Chris and Mish discuss: Trend Reversal? The New Year starts with a surprise 6 Years of Extreme Global Monetary Intervention With more to come? Big

By Adam Taggart on Friday January 3rd, 2014
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Middle Class? Here’s What’s Destroying Your Future

According to the conventional account, the Great American Middle Class has been eroded by rising energy costs, globalization, and the declining purchasing power of the U.S. dollar in the four

By charleshughsmith on Thursday July 12th, 2012
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