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Are You Infuriated Yet?

Both the pension and health care crises are infuriating and self-inflicted wounds. We could have avoided them by making wiser choices in the past. We didn’t. We could limit their

By Chris Martenson on Saturday October 21st, 2017
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The Real Story to Focus On

Executive Summary What Detroit tells us about continuing the status quo The shocking true size of the real U.S. debt Why time is our most valuable – but scarcest –

By Chris Martenson on Monday August 19th, 2013
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Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can’t Afford the Future

The truth is: The three adult generations in the U.S. are suffering, and their burdens are likely to increase with time. Each is experiencing a squeeze that is making it

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday March 12th, 2013
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The Structural Endgame of the Fiscal Cliff

To understand this endgame, we need to start with the financial and political basics of wealth and power in the U.S. 1.  Wealth and thus political power are highly concentrated. 

By charleshughsmith on Wednesday December 26th, 2012
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What to Do When Every Market Is Manipulated

If you don't know who the sucker at the card table, is it's you. ~ old gambler's saying What do the following have in common? LIBOR, Bernie Madoff, MF Global,

By Chris Martenson on Wednesday August 15th, 2012
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