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Observations From The Heart Of Silicon Valley

Yesterday I made the 2-hour drive back to Silicon Valley, where I lived for 15 years before moving out to the country. I rarely go back, as I miss very

By Adam Taggart on Friday May 20th, 2016
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The Death Of Hopium

I got my MBA at Stanford in 1999 when the dot-com bubble was at its zenith, worked for a VC-funded start-up as well as one of the biggest Internet juggernauts (Yahoo!).

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday October 13th, 2015
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For Heaven’s Sake: Hedge!

Last fall, I wrote an article titled Defying Gravity that warned of the absurd price levels that stocks and bonds had risen to. Less than a month later, the stock market abruptly dropped

By Adam Taggart on Friday May 1st, 2015
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Returning to the ‘Real’

A paradox of life in these times is the inverse relationship between technological wizardry and the satisfactions of being a live organism in a real place (i.e., on the planet

By JHK on Tuesday September 3rd, 2013
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