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The Importance Of A Resilient Life

My business partner Adam and I recently met with a successful business owner whose career began on Wall Street. The kind of guy who should be rooting for the system,

By Chris Martenson on Friday September 20th, 2019
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We Interrupt This Market Plunge To Bring You This Important Message…

Sentiment is finally breaking. Once it breaks fully, the ride downward will likely be very sharp, quick and brutal for everyone caught unprepared.

By Adam Taggart on Wednesday August 14th, 2019

Why The Next Downturn Will Be The Most Destructive In Modern History — And Why You Must Act Now In Order To Preserve Your Wealth (and the Planet!)

Our society’s pursuit of endless economic growth is unsustainable. We’re at the point where we’ve sabotaged our future by taking on too much debt, while at the same moment, we’ve

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Dude, Where's My Cash?

A few months back, we issued a report, The Primacy Of Income, declaring the end of the era of capital gains. It's conclusion? Wealth accumulation over the next decade will be

By Adam Taggart on Sunday February 17th, 2019

Transcript for Charles Hugh Smith: Why Local Enterprise Is The Solution

Below is the transcript for Charles Hugh Smith: Why Local Enterprise Is The Solution:  Chris Martenson:  Welcome to another podcast. I am, of course, Chris Martenson. And today, a very

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