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The Great Real Estate Crash of 2022/23

I know it seems quite unlikely to people who have been struggling to buy a home that a real estate crash is possible, but I assure you that one is

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday May 3rd, 2022
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Home Prices: Downhill From Here

As we look into the future, we see a high risk of the world money supply increasing further. Or put in layman’s terms, your money being devalued by rampant inflation.

By Adam Taggart on Friday September 13th, 2019
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Fun With Numbers

If you've not been watching our Real Estate investing webinar series, you're missing out on a wealth of learning. Our last episode, Episode #3, received rave reviews. It was a

By Adam Taggart on Thursday April 4th, 2019
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2019: The Beginning Of The End (Free Premium Report)

Now that it is 2019, we’re going to start the new year here at Peak Prosperity by responding to our community and making our most recent report for our premium

By Adam Taggart on Thursday January 17th, 2019
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Ted Butler: New Hope For Higher Silver Prices

Precious metals analyst Ted Butler returns to the podcast this week to discuss the long-suffering silver price. Will the beatings continue? Or is there finally reason to believe that, after seven painful

By Adam Taggart on Monday July 23rd, 2018
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