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How to Make Butter

There is nothing like a piece of fresh-baked bread and some homemade butter: smooth, creamy and so very tasty.  We have several milking goats on our homestead, and we use

By frank_fern on Saturday June 29th, 2013
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Milking a Goat by Hand

When a person or family starts down the path of building resiliency into their lives, many projects and tasks get added to an ever-growing list of things to do.  Store

By JW on Tuesday July 17th, 2012
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5 Uses for Livestock Panels

Livestock panels are a heavy gauge galvanized welded wire fencing material.  They are also commonly called "cattle","hog", or “sheep” panels.  They are almost a must have on any new farm

By JW on Tuesday July 3rd, 2012
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Making Chèvre (Goat Cheese)

Goats were one of the very first domesticated animals. They have been used for milk, meat, leather, fiber, manure, and for pack animals. Goat milk is easy to digest, and is often

By JW on Tuesday March 27th, 2012
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