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Epic Fail

The US Federal Reserve currently believes they are doing “good” by preventing downturns and sending asset prices higher. But in reality, they’re setting the stage for a very disappointing future.

By Chris Martenson on Monday November 25th, 2019
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A Tower of Debt Begins to Lean

Executive Summary The debt bomb waiting to explode is truly staggering in size Key warning signals we’re approaching a late cycle market crash The Fed’s aggressive actions belie its fear

By Chris Martenson on Saturday November 2nd, 2019
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The End Of Money

Today we live in a bifurcated economy: it is boom times for some and bust times for others. Your personal situation depends largely on how close you fall on the

By Chris Martenson on Saturday November 2nd, 2019
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Realistically, What’s Left To Power Asset Prices Higher?

Here we are again. The markets are within a few percentage points of their all-time highs, but just can’t seem to muster the momentum to break out above them. We

By Adam Taggart on Friday September 27th, 2019
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The Hard Truth About Assets

If you prefer to listen to this article, read by its author Chris Martenson, click the player here below: | Download | ___________________________________________________________________________________ In this post, you’ll learn why hard

By Chris Martenson on Saturday August 10th, 2019
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